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Visit Camposol, Mazarron, Spain
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What The People Say About Camposol / Mazarron...

This page shows real people and what they have to say about the website or their holiday / visit to Camposol Spain...

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Bernard & Irene Barker - Bridlington - Visited May 2010
"We visited camposol in May 2010, it was my first holiday for over three years, due to ill health, but what a great place to recouperate, my son lives on Camposol and he loves it, I have been several times but it just gets better, we are looking forward to our next visit in September"

Emma and Julie Nicholson - Jersey
Emma and Julie Nicholson - Jersey - Visited 2005 - 2010
"My sister and I are not long back from vising our parents who live on Camposol. We hate coming back and love going over. Spending time with our friends and always gauranteed a fun night out. Try the Wok in the Port for a fantastic meal and Alley Palais for Friday's partynight. Back in 8 weeks and can not wait!"

Carol Whyment - Widnes - Visited February 2010
"We have a villa on camposol sector A. It gets harder to come back here all the time; we really love it over there... So plans are in motion to sell up and move, never going to be a right to do it.. so going for it!! We have met some lovely people and we have nice neigbours, one couple being is Bernie and Barbara better known as Bernie Mac. Our children and grandchildren went over last year had really good time. Camposol is a very friendly place.."

Ali, Pete & kids - Dorset
Ali, Pete & kids - Dorset - Visited July 2008
"We had a fantastic holiday in a beautiful Neptuno villa on D Sector with an upper terrace with views over the mountains. The weather was fantastic, the kids loved the pool and making friends and playing in the commercial area in the evening and we all loved visiting Puerto de Mazarron, in fact we all had a such a good and relaxing time (even with 3 kids!) that we are holidaying here again in Summer 2009! Can't wait!!"

Chris & Charmaine Abbott  - Cheshire
Chris & Charmaine - Cheshire - Visited September 2008
"Have been to camposol twice in 08. A relaxing place and plenty of places to visit loads of friendly people great holiday going back in june 09 for two weeks."

Robert Redford - Birmingham - Visited September 2008
"Hi we visited Camposol and stayed for two weeks our highlight was attending a fundraising event in the Port of Mazarron. One artist I think his name was Barrington stood out from all the rest he was absolutely brilliant. We have been told he performs locally. Hope to see him the next time we are over"

Richard & Debbie - Solihull - Visited June / July 2008
"We have had a property on Camposol for 6 years now, and are just waiting for the glorious day when we can give up here and spend time over there. Two things stood out from our last visit, one was the Luther Vandross tribute at Kennellys which was as good as any you will ever see, and the other was the food at the Steak Out, which until this holiday was a well kept secret from us, but once we found it we were there every night with food that can only be described as fabulous"

Paul & Fish - Birmingham
Paul & Fish - Birmingham - Visited October 2007
"We visited friends on Camposol in october and had a really good time, loads of friendly people, great bars and a great holiday!"

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